My website began in 1995 and has grown from my experiences with electronics and 8-bit computers. It quickly evolved into an on-line museum ( with further evolution over the years to my collection of retro and modern computers, audio mixers, synthesisers, meters and circuit diagrams.

The site is a combination of old and new, such as, the Raspberry Pi MIDI project and the reviving and updating my Acorn Computers. New content is added frequently and by clicking on 'what's new' up there on the left you can read a brief summary of what's happening.

NEW! RPi Pico Thermometer/Switch
NEW! Philip Mulranes' BBC B+ 64K SRAM Project
NEW! Acorn Electron - Refurbishment and Upgrading
NEW! Fitting a Master RAM Board inside an Acorn Electron
6502 NOP Tester
Turning the Electron into a simple synth sequencer
Raspberry Pi MIDI HAT and Controller