An Acorn Electron Sideways Flash ROM Cartridge

When I was working on the Electron refurb I looked up the details for the Minus One build on Github when I noticed there was a design for an Electron Flash ROM cartridge. This. intrigued me so I had to build one to see how useful it would be compared to an EPROM Catrtridge. As usual I didn't build it exactly as designed, the original used surface mount components which I changed to through hole Dual-In-Line making it simpler to solder. The SST39SF010 Flash ROM is available in various pinouts including the DIL form factor.

This is what I came up with:

The Flash ROM cartridge using DIL components.

The Flash ROM cartridge can also be used with EPROMS - 27C1001.

and is so small it barely rises above the Plus 1 Slot.

At the moment I programe the Flash ROM via my Dataman S4 programmer.